Family Fresh

DeLuca Gelato is a family-owned and operated gelateria, specializing in gelato, sorbetto, and specialty Italian desserts. We use only quality ingredients and replicate the tastes of Italy.  We own the process from start to finish, as we pasteurize our own gelato mix, starting with fresh milk and cream. To it we add quality ingredients like real fruit, nuts, and chocolate.  In this way we can obtain the freshest product at our exacting standards, at a fat content of only 6.8% (half of most American ice creams). For our sorbetto, we start with real fruit and add to it our own special sugar syrup (no HFC) and water. All of our sorbetto is completely dairy-free and natural, and with the exception of dark chocolate and pina colada (both less than 1 g of fat per serving) are fat-free. We produce  all of our gelato on site. Come by the shop and watch us make it through the window of our production room. You can see this process nearly any time you are here, as gelato must be served fresh!
We take your health seriously; if you have any questions about our product and ingredients, we always
have someone on site who can answer your questions.  We have a strict production cycle, making dairy-free
first, followed by creams, and nuts at the end. We always break down and sanitize the machine before making
any flavors after nuts. All of our flavors are gluten-free and egg-free, unless an ingredient is added to that
particular flavor (Cannolo, Amaretto, Cookies & Cream).

Gelato and More!

If you are looking for something other than gelato, we make on premises a variety of specialty Italian desserts, such as fresh-baked tortes, cannoli, rainbow cookies (tricolore), Florentine cookies, mascarpone pudding, and European sipping chocolate – an ultra-rich hot chocolate like none you’ve ever had before.

The Inspiration

The idea for DeLuca Gelato was born in Italy, as was gelato. On a trip to Rome in April 2004, we realized how much we love gelato and thought that Richmond needed a gelateria. We began to further hone our dessert-making skills, to work on the plan to open, and learn from the best the techniques to create true Italian gelato. Now after years of planning, DeLuca Gelato is a part of the Richmond community, “bringing Italy to you”.