Specialty Baked Goods – Special Order

deluca THEcake

THE Cake (Italian Ricotta Torte)

Four layers of moist chocolate almond torte, each separated by a light, sweet cream filling accented with cherries. Topped off by a creamy “mousse-like” cocoa icing.  One bite and you’ll know why in our house it is simply called “the cake”.

deluca flcookies

Florentine Cookies

An Italian favorite: Milk chocolate sandwiched between two thin, sweet, crispy cookies.  Also available with white chocolate

deluca lrcake
Lemon Ricotta Cake

Light and fluffy lemon flavored cake. Sweet cream gives moist consistency.

deluca htorte

Torta alla Nocciole (Hazelnut Torte)

Light chocolate hazelnut torte with cream filling, topped with a thin layer of chocolate.



deluca mpudding

Mascarpone Pudding

Ultra rich Italian cream cheese pudding. Half vanilla, half chocolate, together forms a surreal combination, richer than any pudding you’ve ever tasted.

deluca cannoli


Popular Italian pastry, featuring pastry shell wrapped around sweet cream cheese and chocolate. Irresistible!




deluca loaves

Almond Loaves

Moist and light almond cakes topped with raspberry icing and chocolate drizzle.  Or top them with whipped cream and fresh berries.


deluca rcookies

Rainbow Cookies

Seven beautiful layers of colorful delight, blending almond, raspberry, and chocolate.

deluca crcake

Torta di Ricotta e Cioccolata (Chocolate Ricotta Cake)

Italian style “blondie”. Two layers of crumb cake separated by chocolate and ricotta.